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To ensure your SASSA SRD 370 application has been processed and approved, use the SASSA Status checker below. With a single click, find the Sassa SRD Status by providing your South African ID Number and your phone number. 


South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) introduced a temporary relief program for financial assistance of needy people in South Africa. This grant is known as Social Relief Distress(SRD). SASSA SRD Grant was introduced in COVID 2020 by the South African government in response to the pandemic in order to support unemployed people who have been affected by adverse effects of COVID. SRD Grant can be availed by the people between the age of 18 to 60 years old if they meet the eligibility criteria of SASSA SRD Grant. The criteria include South African citizenship or permanent residency,  unemployment and not receiving aid from any other source.


Millions of South African citizens receive SASSA SRD Grant so in order to cater all the beneficiaries there is an online service available known as SASSA Status Check. It assists grant applicants to view the status of their application. It helps the applicants to determine if their application is processed, approved or declined.

SASSA Status Check can be used to check payment status of approved grants.  Beneficiaries can also keep track of their payments with this tool. In order to use this tool applicants typically need to provide personal information such as South African ID Number and phone number. 


SASSA SRD 350  payment dates are announced for May 2024. Applicants should check their SASSA grant application status by using our SASSA Status Check tool to see whether their application is approved or not. Payment dates for SASSA SRD grant are 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, & 30 May. If your application is approved you will be able to claim your grant by the end of May. Following are other SASSA Grants for May 2024

  • Older Persons (Pensioners) Grants: May 3, 2024
  • Disability Grants: May 6, 2024
  • Childcare, Foster, and Veterans Grants: May 7, 2024


We bring you a comprehensive guide in order to assist you in checking your application status.

For South African ID Holders

  • Visit the SASSA SRD official website
  • Once you are navigated to the status check page, you will be prompted to enter your South African ID number in the first box. Make sure to carefully enter your South African ID mentioned on your ID Card
  • Now Enter your phone number in the 2nd box. You have to enter the same number that you used while applying for a grant.
  • Click on the “Submit” Button.
  • Now, you will be able to view your SRD Application status.

For Asylum Seeker and Special Permit Holder

In case you are asylum seeker or Special Permit holder from Zimbabwe, Angola or Lesotho follow the steps below to check your SASSA Status

  • An Asylum Seeker will enter their “File Number while Special Permit Holder will enter their Passport Number
  • Now Provide the cell phone number you used during application.
  • Click on submit button and receive a verification on your registered cell number
  • Once verification is done you can view your Application Status.


There are different methods available to check SASSA SRD Application status. Now you easily check your SRD Payment status and grant payments within a fraction of seconds. We have explained each method below:

Check your SASSA Status from Our Website

Firstly, We bring you the easiest way to check SASSA SRD 350 application Status using our SASSA Status Checker tool. Follow these steps to check your SASSA Status through our website:

Firstly, Enter your South African ID number in the first box

Now enter your registered phone number

Click on Submit button And Now

After few seconds your SASSA Status will visible

Moya App

Another way to check SASSA SRD Status is by downloading the SASSA Application known as “Moya App”. This application is available for android as well as IOS users.

Here is step to step guide to check your application status using Moya App

  • Download the Moya App
  • Now create an account on the application by providing your personal information
  • Here  you will see a SRD Grant section
  • Click on “SASSA Status Check”
  • Enter your South African ID number and Mobile Number
  • Click on “Submit” Button to see your Application status


You can check your SASSA SRD Status by simply using your whatsapp. Follow the steps given below to find out SASSA Status using whatsapp.

  • First and foremost step is saving the SASSA Whatsapp Number to your phonebook. SASSA Whatsapp number is 082 046 8553 
  • Open your WhatsApp and start a chat with saved SASSA WhatsApp Number
  • Now, write a word “ Status” in the chat to start the process
  • Follow the automated prompt. You will have to provide your ID Number and mobile number to view that status.


In order to check SASSA Grant status using USSD code follow these steps:

  • Open the dialer on your mobile phone 
  • Enter the USSD Code *120*3210# 
  • You will see a menu on your phone. Now follow the prompt to select your required option
  • Now enter your ID Number carefully
  • Once you enter the information correctly you will receive a response about your SASSA Application Status on your screen

SASSA Call Centre

In case you don’t own a smartphone you can check your SRD application status via traditional method by simply calling on SASSA Hotline. Dial the following number from your phone 080060 10 11. Once an agent is connected to you, provide him information about your SRD grant to know your application status.

EMAIL Correspondence

Another way to check you SRD Grant Status is by simply mailing at SASSA official support Email. Follow these steps

  • Log In to your Email Account
  • Compose an Email addressed to SASSA official Email for SRD Status inquiries
  • Add  “[email protected]” as your recipient
  • Add a subject line that shows the purpose of email i.e “SRD Status Inquiry”
  • In the body of mail Enter your full name, ID Number and  Phone Number
  • Now Send this Email after double checking the entered information
  • After reviewing your email SASSA will respond about your application status. The response time can vary depending on various factors. So be patient and wait for at least 24 hours.

SASSA Offices

If you still believe in traditional ways you can simply Visit SASSA  office in your vicinity for checking your SASSA Status. 


You can check your SASSA Status by simply sending a text message from your mobile phone:

  • Open message App
  • Now Enter SASSA ID Number in the following format: “SASSA 8504567892”
  • Send this information on SASSA official number  082 046 8553
  • In response to your text, your application status will be sent on your mobile phone.


When a SASSA Applicant checks the SRD Application status he might encounter several different results on the basis of his application. Definitely a new SASSA Beneficiary would surely get confused. In order to clear all the confusions we have explained all the SASSA Statuses and their meaning below:


Approved status means that your application for the month of May is processed and Approved. This means you will receive your SASSA Grant for this month. You will be able to see the payment date for the grant.  

You will receive your payment according to the schedule as an approved applicant. So check your account on the specified date. 


If you check your SASSA Status and receive the “Pending” response this means that your application is under process. SASSA is verifying your provided information to make sure if you are eligible for grant or not. 

In this situation you do not need to take action. Just wait and keep checking your status. Also make sure you have provided all the information correctly. 


Declined Status means that after reviewing your application authorities have come to the conclusion that you do not meet the eligibility criteria for the SASSA grant. So they rejected your application. There might be several reasons for the decline in status. This includes submitting incorrect information, receiving some other grants or not submitting required documents.

In this case you can visit a nearby SASSA office to know the reasons for rejection. Make sure to take your documents along. Once you know the actual reason for declining status. Rectify the issues in your application You can appeal for reconsideration SASSA SRD Official website. Keep calm and wait a few days SASSA officials might change the status to Approved.


Every month beneficiaries have to re apply in order to receive the SASSA Grant. In case you forgot to apply for the next month you will receive the “reapplication pending” status. 

As soon as you get this status, immediately reapply so that SASSA team consider your application.


Your application got canceled, which means SASSA removed you from the list of SRD beneficiaries and you won’t be able to get any funds from SASSA from now onwards. There could be many reasons for the cancellation of the SRD grant. In case you have provided wrong personal information or you are receiving grants from other institutes your grant would immediately get canceled.

In this case you visit SASSA official website or visit their office to reinstate your grant


If you intentend to receive your SASSA grant in your bank account you have to provide your bank details at the time of submission of application. In case you forgot to add bank details at that time it will show “Bank Details Pending” Status.

In this case provide your correct bank account details as soon as possible so you would be able to receive a grant. 


There are various reasons due to which the Failed Verification problem can occur. In case during the verification process SASSA team finds out that you have other income sources that makes you ineligible for SASSA Grants. Consequently you will be skimmed out from the beneficiaries. As SASSA aims to be fair to the process and provide that grant to only needy ones. 

On the other hand, if you fail at providing the correct personal information that has been saved in government records. This will also result in failed verification. 


When your application gets approved you will see this status. This mean you have to wait few days to receive the payment in your account


Every month SASSA SRD Beneficiaries receive their grant in a timely manner so that they can manage their expenses in an efficient way. Depending on the type of grant payments are scheduled on designated payment days. Beneficiaries can receive their grant in their bank account, SASSA cards or at ATMs. 

Let’s find out complete payment schedule:


SASSA receives thousands of SRD grant applications on a daily basis and they have authority to reject any application at any moment without giving you any reason. In case you think your application was perfectly fine and you are eligible for the SRD grant, you can question SASSA’s decision. You have to submit an appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). ITSAA would review your application and make a decision.

Following are steps to Appeal your SRD Grant Status:

  • Visit SASSA Website and open the Appeal Page
  • Now enter your ID Number in first box and Phone Number in second Box
  • Click on “send pin”
  • Insert the received pin and click on “Submit” button
  • Choose the month for which you are appealing for
  • Select a reason for appeal from the menu
  • Attach supporting documents to prove your claim
  • Lastly submit the appeal for grant


 SASSA has set an eligibility criteria for SRD Grant so that only deserving people can receive temporary financial assistance. Applicants have to meet a certain criteria to qualify for SRD Grant:

  • South African citizen, Registered Refugee, Permanent Resident
  • Age: 18 – 60 years Old
  • No Other Social Grants
  • Unemployed/No other source of income
  • Income Threshold below R370
  • Residency must be in South Africa while receiving grant
  • Not receiving unemployment insurance benefits
  • No Criminal records


If you meet SASSA SRD Grant eligibility criteria you should apply for SASSA Grant online now. For the application process you need to be prepared beforehand as you have to provide certain personal information  during the application process.

  • A laptop with stable internet connection
  • South African ID Number
  • Your registered Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Bank Account details
  • Employment Information


Applying for SASSA SRD 370 Grant online is the most convenient way. All you need is a gadget such as Smartphone or laptop with a stable internet connection. You don’t need to visit the SASSA Office for the application process. We have brought a step to step guide for the SASSA SRD Grant application process.

Visit SASSA SRD Website

To start the SASSA Application process visit official SASSA SRD website

Start the Application

Applicants can start filling the application document.

Read & Accept Declaration & Consent Documents

Carefully read declaration and consent documents and accept them after understanding terms and conditions. Also make sure you are eligible for the SASSA SRD Grant.

Phone Number Verification

Now you have to provide a phone number in application form. You have to enter the phone number that is registered in your name and in use. Once you enter your phone number you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone. As soon as you receive OTPenter it in the application form to continue further process.

Provide Personal Information

In this step you have to provide your personal information: / Enter your Name and surname, Date of Birth, Email Address, Citizenship Status / Enter your South African ID Number / Attach copies of your ID Card or passport

Add Banking Details

Add your bank account details. In order to receive the SASSA SRD Grant applicant must have a bank account. 

Submit Your Application

Click on the “submit” button to submit your SASSA grant application. Before submitting the application make sure to check all the information if it’s correct or not. 

Wait for Confirmation

Once you have submitted your application for SRD Grant, wait calmly and keep checking your SASSA Application status on our website. Also you will receive a text message on your provided phone number and email on your mail.


SASSA SRD Grant brings immense benefits for the needy ones. From financial assistance to social benefits, Beneficiaries enjoy so many perks. Let us discuss SRD relief grant benefits in details 

Financial Support

Basic Monthly Income: Beneficiaries receive basic monthly income in order to meet their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing

Economic Relief

Unemployment Aid: SRD relief grant targets unemployed people who have lost their jobs during COVID Pandemic. It’s been ensured that individuals aren’t receiving any other income or aid from any government institute. 

Social Benefits

Encourages Equality: SASSA funds aim to reduce social and economic inequality by providing financial assistance to those people who have lowest income.
Healthcare: SRD grant provides basic financial aid so the needy ones can afford basic healthcare services. Beneficiaries can afford their medicines. 

Resources Access

Encourages Equality: SASSA funds aim to reduce social and economic inequality by providing financial assistance to those people who have lowest income.
Healthcare: SRD grant provides basic financial aid so the needy ones can afford basic healthcare services. Beneficiaries can afford their medicines. 

Psychological Benefits

SASSA grants have such a positive impact on the beneficiaries. It induces a sense of financial stability and security among people. This improves the mental health of the common man and reduces health issues like anxiety and stress. These grants empower a common man as with this money he has the choice to make  basic decisions himself without depending on someone else. 

Boost in Economy

When people from lower class would be able to afford basic things this will support local businesses. Eventually it will boost the overall economy.


If your financial condition has been improved and now you no longer need financial assistance. You must cancel your SASSA SRD Grant right away. It is ethically wrong and against SASSA policy. 

Follow these steps to cancel SRD Application:

  • Visit the SASSA SRD official website
  • Scroll down to see “Cancel my Application” section
  • Now click on “click here to cancel” button
  • This will take you to Cancellation page
  • Insert your South African ID Number and Phone number
  • Click on “send pin”
  • Now enter the received pin on your mobile phone.
  • Cancel your application
  • After submitting a cancellation request you will receive an email about cancellation of grant.


In case you have canceled your SRD Grant in past due to improvement in financial condition and now again you are suffering due to unemployment Don’t worry you can reinstate the canceled SRD grant.

Follow these steps to reinstate canceled SRD Application

  • Visit the SASSA SRD official website
  • Scroll down to see “Reinstate my canceled application” section
  • Now click on “click here to reinstate online” button
  • Insert your South African ID Number and Phone number
  • Click on “send pin”
  • Enter the received pin on your mobile phone
  • Now submit reinstate request
  • After submitting the request you will receive an email regarding your grant status.


For queries, you can contact SASSA official sources through different channels

  • 0800 60 10 11
  • 012 400 2322
  • Visit SASSA nearby offic


You can check the status of SASSA Application through our SASSA Status checker tool. All you need to do is enter your SA ID number and phone number. There are several other methods to check status that we have discussed above.

SASSA Grants are paid on a monthly basis via

  1. Deposited Directly to Bank Account
  2. In cash at designated SASSA pay points
  3. Through SASSA Card 

Yes applicants can appeal in case SRD grant application is declined. Visit SASSA official website. Find the appeal section and enter your credentials and provide the evidence to prove that you are eligible for SASSA grant and submit your appeal. You will receive a response from SASSA within few days.

Yes applicants can appeal in case SRD grant application is declined. Visit SASSA official website. Find the appeal section and enter your credentials and provide the evidence to prove that you are eligible for SASSA grant and submit your appeal. You will receive a response from SASSA within few days.

In this case contact SASSA customer care to investigate the delay in grant payment. Also make sure if you have provided the correct banking information.